iSwift 1.9 is here!

  Releases     October 5, 2015  

iSwift – Objective-C to Swift Converter – version 1.9 (Build number 913)

Updates @ El Capitan
Since Updates on OS X 10.11 El Capitan have been broken due to the latest security measures and App Transport security, all updates to 1.9 must be done manually (by redownloading the binary).


  • Preferences: Added option to convert methods without arguments to properties (Issue #81)
  • NULL not being properly converted to nil (Issue #82)
  • Occasional issue with variadic arguments in message selectors (Issue #78)
  • Format string with Swift-style interpolation for stringWithFormat: and stringByAppendingFormat: (Issue #68)
  • Preferences: Added option to omit variable type for new variable declarations (Issue #75)
  • Preferences: Added option to force the use of let instead of var for variable declarations (Issue #74)
  • stringByAppendingString: conversion to Swift-style string concatenation (Issue #77)
  • Better spaced formatting, for comparison operators (in conditions), and function call parameters (Issue #71)
  • firstObject and lastObject, on arrays, should be converted to first and last respectively (Issue #76)
  • Convert class method to dynamicType (Issue #70)
  • Fixed issue with Updates (Sparkle) on OSX 10.11 – El Capitan (Issue #72)
  • Recognize property setters and properly convert them (Issue #69)
  • Cocoa initializers not being correctly converted, e.g. NSURL URLWithString:] (Issue #64)
  • Issue with C-style functions not being converted (Issue #73)
  • Remove extraneous semicolon from break/continue statements (Issue #67)
  • Remove extraneous semicolon from return statements (Issue #65)


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