Sneak peek @ 11/09/2015

  Sneak Peek     September 11, 2015  

So… anticipating for the next iSwift release?

Here’s some news for you.

The bad ones (first): 

  • It may take a few more days (yes, I know it’s already over a week since the last one!)
  • It may make you feel too awesome
  • It may make your coding buddies feeling reeally bad for not having discovered first what iSwift is all about
  • It may help you get a pay rise (for all your hard work converting Objective-C code to Swift), while… you sit back and relax, having a cup of coffee

The good ones (last, but not least):

  • Lots and lots of issues fixed
  • Lots and lots of optimizations
  • Super-fast speed (around 10x, compared to previous releases even with *really* big code files :-))

Looking forward to it? Just a little bit of patience.

Stay tuned!

And – since sharing some real hard work, is definitely good karma (hellooo! there’s no big company here – it’s just a one-man army! ;-)), why don’t you  Share the news on Twitter?