Swift Language – Cheatsheet v0.1

  Resources     August 20, 2015  

Being an experienced programmer (or probably not), the first thing you need before getting your hands dirty with your new language toy is a quick and concise way to figure out how this new toy of yours works.

And what’s better than one of the famous “Cheatsheets”?

What’s even better is to sit down and do it for yourself, as you’re learning the language, while step-by-step filling the missing pieces.

And then share it. 🙂

So, here you are. Swift Cheatsheet (v/0.1) is here – roughly covering the following topics:

  • Types
  • Variables & Constants
  • Collections (Tuples, Arrays & Dictionaries)
  • Loops (For, For.. in, While)
  • Conditions (If-Else, Switch)
  • Functions
  • Classes

Enjoy – and don’t forget to let me know about suggestions/corrections/ideas –
practically anything goes! 😉