Swift Cookbook - for Swift 3.0!

Everything you always wanted
to know about Swift

*but were afraid to ask (for)

Swift Cookbook is a carefully compiled collection of more than 340 useful hand-picked code snippets, all tried and tested, for Swift 3 - that solve everyday coding problems. Designed to be easy to use, with step-by-step instructions, suitable both for beginners and the seasoned Swift developers, Swift Cookbook will become your go-to guide for your daily... coding recipes.

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Here what you'll find is a collection of 100+ Swift 2 recipes. All 100% open and free. I decided to make them public because I really love Swift and want to share my knowledge.

However, if you want to be... up-to-date, and at the same time support my work, then go ahead and get the real deal: for just 9.99$ (for the ebook) or 19.99$ (the paperback), you'll get over 340 recipes in Swift 3, carefully selected, step-by-step, all working and tested. (Trust me I've spent *months* on that)

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