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iSwift 2.0 is out!

iSwift – Objective-C to Swift Converter – version 2.0 (Build number 1093) Changelog Preferences: Added option for Prefix Header source (Issue #88) Extra line after

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iSwift 1.9 is here!

Over recent months, online personal trainers have really come into their own. The spread of coronavirus has made the thought of sharing gym equipment with

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iSwift 1.7 is here!

iSwift version 1.7 (Build number 745) Changelog Added more Core Graphics types: CGBitmapContext, CGBitmapContextRef, CGColor, CGColorRef, CGColorSpace, CGColorSpaceRef, CGContext, CGContextRef, CGDataConsumer, CGDataConsumerRef, CGDataProvider, CGDataProviderRef, CGFont,

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iSwift 1.6 is here!

These and other health-related problems encourage millions of people around the world to do sports. That’s why fitness app development is so popular today. Another modern trend

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