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Content marketing is not an easy task to carry on. You have to put a lot of effort in order to proceed with it.

One of the biggest challenges to the content marketer is the growth of his market.

Do you want to grow the market?

There are quite a lot of methods of growing the market but visual storytelling is on the top.


Yes, cause through this it is to grab the attention of so many folks out there.

These do not help grab attention but also play a role in converting that audience into potential buyers.

Sounds great, No?

In these stories, we are going to give you all the necessary information about iSwift.

It is the platform that you can use to create the visuals stories and then use them to boost your business.

Ready for it?


If you are not using social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to grow your business.

Then you are missing a huge opportunity. iSwift helps you in creating visual stories.

With the help of this platform, it is easy to create eye-catching stories to catch the audience.

These web stories are just like the stories that you find on Instagram and Snapchat.

It contains most of the visuals and less of the text that makes them attractive and catches the eye of the viewer.

iSwift is one of the smart tools for the creation of visual content that is also easy to use.

Web Stories, What are they?

iswift web stories
iSwift Web Stories

For deep insight, let me tell you that web stories are the entrenches that you create to post on your website.

These entrench are more like a slideshow that contains more visuals and less text.

You can easily flip and skip them and at the end, there is a call to action that is convincing the audience to visit that website.

iSwift is the platform that is offering you to build such stories. In upcoming sections, we will discuss how to make such stories using iSwift.

How Do You Make Web Stories Using iSwift?

Moving on to the next thing that is important to discuss that how are you going to make stories using iSwift.

It is our luck that iSwift is associated with WordPress.

Want to know why are you lucky?

It is because Google has introduced a web story plugin that is official and is for WordPress.

And literally, this plugin is a life savior. Because it is all you need to get started containing the template for making stories.

Get Traffic To iSwift Web Stories?

Web stories on the websites associated with WordPress and live their own mini pages.

So you do not need to put effort to send traffic, in fact, you do not really want to.

The web stories are actually for the augmentation of your blog post also make the audience watch them as well.

The goal of making the web stories is to get the audience and you can do it by putting control of the action at the end of the story.

This CTA will entice the reader to visit your website and hence the traffic of the site will raise.

Sounds great?

I have this feeling that it would.

Content Is Still the King

If you want to create a great and attention-grabbing web story with the help iSwift then you just need to work on the content.

Although, web stories are interesting themselves you still need to associate them with high-quality content.

Make sure you are using the content that is attractive to the audience whether it is high-quality imagery or video.

If the captions are short, to the point and sweet then it will be helpful. Use of the captions helps in search engine optimization.

Also, captions are understandable to those who are unable to hear so yeah they are going to pull a massive audience.

Do not forget to add the CTA to the final story. Because the call of action is that thing that actually taking your website to a whole new level.


iSwift is the platform that is helping a lot of businesses in boosting their business with the technique of visual content.

The stories made by iSwift are not only load instantly but also help in getting a high-performance rating.

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