Bizzare Pokemon Legends Arceus bug turns ordinary monsters into nobles

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is a welcome change from the traditional Pokemon format. Instead of eight gyms and an elite four, players are tasked with quelling the anger inside five noble Pokemon.

Each noble is sent into a state of madness that causes their bodies to glow yellow and create a yellow aura that no other Pokemon can get. The player's job is to calm the nobles with a specially crafted balm in boss battles that Pokemon has never seen before.

Sadly, while players can capture every Noble species, they can't actually get Noble Pokemon. Until one player found a bug that gave them a noble Lilligant.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Players Get Noble Lilligant

Reddit user StarLucario posted the bug they found to the PokemonLegendsArceus subreddit. Captioned "My Lilygant thinks she's a noble Pokemon," the post also features a photo of a normal-sized Lilygant with the yellow halo usually seen around nobles.

"I don't know how this happened, she just got the noble Pokemon light at random," StarLucario captioned one of the photos. They later released an update saying "I closed and reopened the game to see if it fixed it, and she just turned into a noble. I honestly don't know what to say." There are Pokemon BDSP Held Items for sale.

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They claim that their Lilligant got a noble aura after the rematch with the boss fight, and the Pokemon summary even changed to be captured at Arena Brava. StarLucario speculates that the game may mix Noble's stats with their own Lilligant's.

Star also stated that they were unable to reproduce the bug with any other Noble Pokemon (Kleavor, Arcanine, Avalug, etc.). Regardless, users who commented on the post seemed fascinated by the discovery. Some have come up with their own theories as to why this glitch occurs, while others claim they will try to recreate it themselves.

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