The Swift 4-in-1 Pro bundle

iSwift 4.0

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Swift Cookbook

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Swift Cookbook Companion

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Run Swift 1.2

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System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Intel 64-bit processor

* To make full use of the Run capabilities of Swift Code Cookbook and Run Swift, Xcode (with Swift) and OS X 10.9+ must be installed
** VAT (where applicable) not included in the price

What's included in the bundle


iSwift is the easiest way to convert your Objective-C code to Swift.

  • Up-to-date: Intelligent Swift 3 support
  • Ultra fast: Automatic as-you-type conversion, so that you don't lose even a single second. Yep, instantly.
  • Drag-and-drop: Drop your Objective-C source onto the app icon, import the file and have it instantly converted. Yep, just like that.
  • Smart: Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, live syntax checking and error reporting, and lots of advanced editing options. (Powered by Peppermint)
  • Friendly UI: A neat editor, your sources side-by-side and all that packed in a beautiful easy-to-use User interface. What more can you need?
  • Sophisticated: iSwift tries to recognize, parse and convert all Objective-C code (2.0 too!) to valid Swift code.

  Swift Cookbook

Swift Cookbook is a carefully compiled collection of more than 340 useful hand-picked code snippets, all tried and tested, for Swift 3 - that solve everyday coding problems. Designed to be easy to use, with step-by-step instructions, suitable both for beginners and the seasoned Swift developers, Swift Cookbook will become your go-to guide for your daily... coding recipes.

Topics covered: Basics, Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Classes, Closures, Strings, Arrays, Sets, Dictionaries, Numbers, Dates, Exceptions, Files, System, Web, Algorithms, Advanced

The EPUB/iBooks version is included ;-)

  Run Swift

Run Swift offers the best way to easily test your Swift code - without having to open Xcode, mess with "Playgrounds", or touch the Terminal. All in one place.

  • Powerful editor based on Peppermint
  • Advanced code highlighting
  • Autocompletion
  • Snippets
  • Run your scripts with one-click (or just Cmd+R)
  • Option to pass additional command line arguments

Buy it now for ONLY $19 99
** VAT (where applicable) not included in the price

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