Objective-C → Swift

/* iSwift is the coolest Objective-C to Swift converter */ #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface aClass @property (strong) NSString* someStr; @end @implementation aClass - (void)someFunc:(int)param { for (int k=0; k<10; k++) { NSLog(@"K = %d", k); } } - (NSString*)process:(NSString*)str { return [str uppercaseString]; } @end

/* iSwift is the coolest Objective-C to Swift converter */ import Cocoa class aClass { var someStr: String? func someFunc(_ param: Int32) { for k in 0..<10 { print("K = \(k)") } } func process(_ str: String) -> String { return str.uppercased } }
- Live compilation / Syntax Checking disabled
- Output restricted to first 25 lines of code
- Swift 3.+ enabled

iSwift is the best tool for Mac to convert your old Objective-C code and projects to Swift. With just a single click. Don't believe me? Why not try our little demo 100% online and judge for yourself? :-) Just type in some Objective-C, click    Convert  and that's it. At the right part of the screen, the converted - Swift - code will appear. Ready to use. However, if what you're looking for is a taste of the... real deal - the very app for MacOS - without any limitation and 100% free to try (for 24 full hours, no strings attached) - go on and download it. Feedback is always more than welcome!

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